“Creating a brand of value has always been a dream we have nurtured and worked towards. As we grew more aware we realized the large potential of merging the flavors of our land on the ingenious tortilla chip and share with the world. We believe that food does not have to be complicated in order for it to be good. What matters is fine ingredients and attention to detail. Tortilla chips is just a start”

Rajvi & Arjun Lalbhai

A “BETTER-FOR-YOU” spin on traditional snacking!

Our healthier and tastier tortilla chip stands out in a crowded aisle because of its wholesome attributes and exotic flavors from around the world.
We have created a unique recipe for liberation from the bland. We source highest quality non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan ingredients without compromising on its bold taste. Our lip-smaking offerings are all Dairy Free, Nut Free, MSG Free, Trans-fat Free, Cholesterol Free and are made using high oleic sunflower oil.
it is a tortilla chip that needs NO DIP !
join us in our snack renaissance and TRY A NEW ANGLE !

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